Mandal outfits to demand putting OBC data in public

NEW DELHI: Congress president Rahul Gandhi has stated Modi govt was once plotting to divide the OBCs into smaller groups to dilute their bargaining power, in what many see as a veiled attack on proposed sub-categorisation of backward communities.

“Now, they're seeking to divide the OBCs into small pieces. Their goal is to splinter the OBCs so that their power is split and they cannot unitedly combat for a demand,” Rahul stated at a birthday celebration conference of OBCs earlier this week.

The reference came in the backdrop of PM Modi’s comments on “sub-categorisation” at a rally in Baghpat on May 27. Justice Rohini Commission is working at the issue.

If Rahul’s comments raised speculation that Congress would possibly oppose sub-categorisation, there are indications that opposition backward outfits are set to call for that the Centre make public the “caste census” below wraps for four years — a difficult issue they hope would lure the Centre and no longer let BJP succeed in its plan to wean away Mandal communities.

Manoj Jha, RJD MP and Delhi University professor, says, “Sub-categorisation would have seemed reliable if SECC data was once made public. It is for equitable distribution of affirmative motion benefits and SECC has mapped rural families via their financial status and caste each.”

Designed to deal with the complaint of inequitable distribution of reservation benefits, sub-categorisation includes dividing OBCs into subgroups of castes of identical socio-economic status and apportioning the 27% quota amongst them in proportion to their inhabitants. The transfer would hit stronger OBCs — like Yadavs and Kurmis — that lead the Mandal outfits in the north like RJD and SP, and please minor backwards.

Mandal outfits have decided to call for the newsletter of OBC data that was once collated via socio-economic caste census (SECC) of rural families.

Modi govt processed the socio-economic data for centered welfare schemes but did not transfer on caste data.

The opposition idea is to “spread the message” amongst their core constituency that BJP is trying to divide the OBCs without making public their percentage in national inhabitants and socio-economic data of differentcommunities.

Opposition leaders argue sub-categorisation is basically political. Like in Bihar, CM Nitish Kumar left Paswans out of “maha Dalit” class but after he joined NDA of which Ram Vilas Paswan is a member, he introduced ‘inclusion’ of community in “maha-Dalit” class.
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