Learn a new skill daily: Medak SP to cops 

HYDERABAD: On an afternoon when Prime Minister Narendra Modi threw a health challenge to all IPS officials across the country, an IPS officer from Telangana in turn threw another fascinating challenge to all the police force in Medak district. They are to be informed a brand new ability on a daily basis and tweet to her what they've picked up.

Medak district Superintendent of Police (SP), G Chandana Deepti, an IPS officer of 2012 batch tweeted on Wednesday saying: “I throw a Twitter challenge to all my officials to tweet about studying a brand new ability on a daily basis and support their studying potency. The charge of our studying is the only competitive merit we can sooner or later have.” Chandana Deepti also asked them to make use of the hashtag #lear ninganewskill to convey to her realize what they’ve learnt.

“When I know what talents our police have within the district, I can deploy them in circumstances where their talents could be needed most,” 36-year-old Chandana Deepti instructed TOI. “If anyone has learnt diving, I’d be capable to deploy them in rescue efforts in cases of imaginable drownings,” she said. “It is a survival ability set which is important,” she said.

Chandana Deepti is also expecting 1,000 cops in her district to acquire wisdom of computers, new device, apps and era that would help them in discharging their duties better. “Learning has were given to be a continuing procedure,” she said. The SP expects the police force, including three DSPs, nine circle inspectors, 30 subinspectors and in addition just about 35 girls cops to pick out up a brand new ability on a daily basis.

While the district police administration does supply constant training to the force, the ‘Learninganewskill’ challenge will give them the freedom to suppose what new ability they themselves want to gain. “The enthusiasm to be informed new issues must now not die down. It helps the organisation as an entire,” she said.

Asked if she would absorb the health challenge that Prime Minister Narendra Modi posed to all IPS officials, Chandana Deepti responded saying: “Why now not?”

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