Heaps of garbage turns Benakanahalli into a stinky mess

Belagavi: Several tony spaces dot Benakanahalli village on the outskirts of Belagavi City and even though it is a gram panchayat, it has been developed like a city. However, the panorama has been marred with rubbish strewn on roadsides and piled in vacant spaces.
Gram panchayat authorities are neither collecting rubbish from families nor getting rid of it since the past two years. This has ended in roads in posh Laxmi Tek space at the back of S Nijalingappa, being converted into a rubbish dumping spot. Ironically, the world is positioned simply at the back of the Sugar Institute which purifies water for town.

With little or no disposal choices, citizens have been throwing rubbish right here for the past couple of months. Piles of rubbish now cover part the street and motorist have no choice but to negotiate their method in the course of the waste. It has additionally ended in an build up in stray farm animals, pigs and dogs. Moreover, the stench is unbearable, particularly when it rains.

Raju Shettar, a resident, published somebody had thrown a dead dog on the spot and the citizens around had to endure the stink for 2 days. They approached the authorities concerned — even ZP CEO R Ramachandran — but in useless. Fed up, citizens have determined to launch an agitation against the local gram panchayat seeking an enduring solution.

Mohan Sambrekar, vice-president of Benakanahalli gram panchayat, stated the panchayat does not have funds to clear the garbage. And despite the fact that they do clear it, there is not any place to put off it. “Earlier, the panchayat used to offload rubbish at Turmuri rubbish depot where rubbish of town company is disposed, but now the depot is not accepting rubbish generated in panchayat limits,” he stated.

Sambrakar published that until 2015-16 city company pourkarmikas would gather the garbage and fee a per month charge which was negligible. But all that modified when the depot stopped accepting rubbish.

However, BT Udaykumar, environmental engineer, claimed town company never accrued rubbish from GP limits. “Although the world borders town, it falls below GP limits and it's the accountability of GP authorities to put off it using their funds,” he stated.

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