Auto operators raise fares in Kolkata

KOLKATA: After buses and taxis, automobiles, too, have started revising fares. The hike is by Re1for the primary degree and much higher for travelling next distances. But, in step with many, this revision of fare isn't moderately justified, given that the cost of auto LPG—the gasoline used for the automobiles—has now not seen any important upward thrust, in contrast to that of petrol and diesel. In fact, the current auto LPG price is less than what it was once initially of the year, after an up-and-down graph.

On January 1, the car LPG price was once Rs 43.62 a litre. Since then, the speed saved dipping to Rs 39.55 a litre but on June 1, it once more rose by Rs 2.35 to change into Rs 41.9 per litre. “Encouraged by the bus fare hike, auto operators are citing this Rs 2.35 hike to raise their fares, totally brushing aside the successive dips in between,” mentioned Arunabha Ghosh Dastidar, a shipping economist. “The revision of the fare isn't justified.” He pointed out that auto fares weren't determined by the government, but by the industry union affiliated to the ruling party. “As a result, the fare rises are arbitrary,” he mentioned.


Fares should increase when the gasoline price is going up. But, by the same good judgment, they will have to come down when gasoline costs move down. Hope unions and operators consider this.

In fact, auto unions claimed they didn't sanction the revision. “The auto union did not give a go-ahead for the fare upward thrust. Auto operators are unilaterally raising the fares,” mentioned Gopal Sutar, general secretary of South Kolkata Auto Operators’ Union, affiliated to the Trinamool industry union wing.

However, auto operators insisted that bus and auto fares had always been linked. If the bus price tag costs rose by Re 1, auto fare robotically greater by Re1, mentioned Gour Naskar, who has already been charging passengers Rs 8 instead of Rs 7 for a trip between Ruby and Gariahat. Naskar refused to hear the argument that the diesel price had greater by Rs 14 since the final fare revision in 2014. Auto LPG price has, on the other hand, remained inside achieve during. Auto operators might draw a parallel with bus price tag costs however the hole between the two modes widen for next levels, when the car rates increase. For example, the fare for Taratala to Behala has long gone up from Rs 6 to Rs 7 and that from Taratala to Thakurpukur from Rs12 to Rs 14. In the Esplanade-Park Circus route, the fare from Esplanade to Bata was Rs 6 a person. In January, the fare was once revised to Rs 7, when LPG price rose to Rs 43.62 per litre. Now the operators want some other hike of Re1.

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