65% adolescent girls in Assam feel unsafe traveling in public transport: Study

GUWAHATI: In the backdrop of rising circumstances of rape and different kinds of violence towards women in Assam, a study discovered 65% of adolescent girls within the state don't really feel protected travelling on public delivery, whilst 51% in finding street to their faculties, local markets and personal tuitions unsafe.
A study on the belief of girl’s safety in public spaces "World of India’s Girls 2018" by Save the Children, identified 73% of adolescent girls in finding lewd comments in public spaces as their largest safety worry.

In contrast to adolescent girls' safety worry, the study discovered 47% adolescent boys understand girls of their similar age crew as "mostly safe, but they also have to a bit careful." Also 38% adolescent boys harbor the unfairness that "girls are taking jobs away from men".

The study, launched by social welfare minister Pramila Rani Brahma right here on Wednesday, used to be conducted among 516 adolescent girls, 186 adolescent boys, 141 parents and 44 younger women who married earlier than reaching the legal age in rural and concrete spaces within the state.

"Over one in every four adolescent girls perceived the threat of being physically assaulted, including getting raped, while venturing into public spaces. One in three (adolescent girls) perceive to be inappropriately touched or even stalked," the study highlighted.

Also 48% adolescent girls answered that their movement out of doors properties shall be restricted or "severely curtailed" if their parents come to know they being subjected to incident of harassment in public spaces.

Brahma said that it is a topic of big worry that crimes towards women are on the rise even as all-out attempts are being made to forestall it.

"A lot needs to be done to stop the rising trend of crimes against women. I being a woman also went through oppressive moments live traveling in public transport while going to college. Today the crimes like rape are spreading like virus. There is an urgent need for creating a mass awareness on gender sensitizing especially in public spaces," Brahma said.

On parents included within the pattern survey, the study said that 43% parents really feel "they would be uncomfortable allowing their daughter to get a job where they have to work side by side with male colleagues throughout the day".

"Safe public delivery for ladies must be ensured by putting in CCTV cameras, GPS and SOS buttons to alert police keep watch over room and sensitization of drivers and conductors. Wherever imaginable girls/ women-only delivery services and products must be began by the state government particularly on routes serving educational institutions like faculties and schools,” probably the most recommendations of the study said.

Deputy superintendent of police (CID), Marami Das said police are more and more being sensitized on gender-related problems in order that crimes towards women are handled promptly. End
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