Varsity develops 5 varieties of vegetables

LUDHIANA: The Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) has advanced and launched 5 sorts of greens and two sorts of vegetation for basic cultivation in Punjab. These include Punjab Kheera 1 of cucumber, Punjab Swarna of tomato, Punjab Tinda 1 of tinda, PAU Magaz Kadoo 1 of pumpkin, Punjab Raunak of brinjal and Punjab Mohini and Punjab Shingar of chrysanthemum. The sorts were approved during the assembly of State Variety Approval Committee, held underneath the Chairmanship of Dr P.S. Aulakh, Director of Horticulture, Punjab. Dr Navtej Bains, Director of Research, and Dr J.S. Mahal, Director of Extension Education, PAU, stated the salient features of those sorts were discussed totally via the Committee.
The crops of Punjab Kheera 1 are lively, bearing 1-2 fruits according to node and suitable for cultivation in poly-net area best. Its moderate yield is 304 quintal/acre and 370 quintal/acre in September and January sown vegetation, respectively.

The crops of Punjab Swarna are indeterminate in growth dependancy with dark inexperienced foliage and suitable for cultivation underneath secure prerequisites. It offers early moderate yield (harvested till end of March) of 166 quintal/acre and moderate yield of 1,087 quintal /acre. It is acceptable for table objective.

Punjab Tinda 1 is an early maturing selection and suitable for sowing in spring season. Its leaves are inexperienced and quite lobed. Its moderate yield is 72 quintal/acre.

PAU Magaz Kadoo 1 is quite a lot of pumpkin for safe to eat seeds. Its seeds are hull-less and can be utilized as magaz and snacks. Its immature fruits may also be used as vegetable. Its seeds are a good supply of oil and omega fatty acids. It is early in maturity and provides 2.nine quintal/hectare seed yield.

Punjab Raunak is an early maturing line of lengthy fruit staff of brinjal. Its crops are medium in peak, compact, thornless with inexperienced foliage. Its moderate yield is 607 quintal/hectare.

Punjab Shingar is a mid to overdue season selection that requires 121.89 days for flowering. Flower yield is 71.80 quintal/acre and suitable for unfastened flower manufacturing. It is resistant to Septoria leaf spot disease.

Punjab Mohini is an early to mid season selection that requires 93.33 days for flowering. The selection produces 331 vegetation according to plant, having diameter of 3.09 cm and is acceptable for pot culture. It is quite resistant to Septoria leaf spot disease.

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