The loneliness of Lionel Messi

It happened in 2014. With simply two mins remaining, hearts ticking sooner than the stadium clock, Messi stood over a loose kick. The Argentine faithful prayed for ‘the divine to intrude’. It appeared incredible from that distance or width. But it was once a sort of second when ‘miracles’ happen, goals come true.

The hopes have been dashed a second later.

Four years in the past, it might had been Lionel Messi’s night time of redemption, glory, fulfilment and perhaps even peace. But 1-Zero down against Germany, he didn't ‘grab the day’.

There was once a extra earthly alternative previous, however Messi had rolled the ball wide.

The fans questioned: “Would he have scored if he was once in a Barcelona jersey?” The concept was once irrelevant, however damning. For, Messi is condemned to endure the ‘go’. He is Atlas Telamon, the ‘enduring Atlas’ for whom the Golden Ball for Best Player was once a burden because his easiest at the day was once not excellent sufficient.

It could be crossing many traces to place his catch 22 situation in such Biblical or mythical proportions. In fact, an Argentine football membership lately recreated the Sistine Chapel at the ceiling of its fitness center, with Diego Maradona as God and Lionel Messi as Adam, even supposing the latter’s genius on box can now and again make us forget his tortured soul.

Barcelona will have his middle however Argentina has his soul. You learn in a Guardian blog that “his accessory stays Rosarino, his favorite actor is Ricardo Darin and his favorite meals is his mom’s milanesas with tomato and cheese.”

Messi’s wedding ceremony remaining 12 months in his homeland may not had been as simple as his tastes, so do his tax data, however give him a football and the actual that means of ‘jogo bonito’ comes alive.

Possibly there is Cristiano Ronaldo pushing him to the brink and beyond, the sound of damaged data and numbing numbers. The endless stats, comparisons, full-page research are there for other people to gobble, however there is something intangible. A rose doesn’t compete with another rose, it simply blooms. There is simplicity, honesty, flavour, joy, instinct, playfulness. It is as though time doesn’t exist.

And yet time is ticking, ticking away for Messi, all of 30 now.

The agony was once palpable when a crouched Leo, wallowing in melancholy, hand on head, selected to call it quits. Having been crushed by means of Chile within the 2016 Copa America Centenario ultimate, Messi’s wet eyes conveyed his journey was once in useless. He may nearly taste the trophy before it was once snatched away, before he despatched the penalty into heaven. Feeling accountable, he walked away shedding his cloak as Argentina’s deliverer. Maybe, he can get back to happiness now at his Nou Camp fort, clear of the scrutiny and noteworthy blame. And even hatred (information of his statues being vandalized in Argentina is a common story).

Yet, love introduced him back. The arrival boards at Buenos Aires airport learn: “No te vayas Lio”: “Lio, don’t go”. Despite all the issues within the Argentine federation and the storm inside of, the outpouring of love modified the script.

The qualification for subsequent month’s World Cup was once purgation. Argentina, who performed underneath 3 different coaches, have been outdoor the four qualifying spots going into the general fit in Ecuador. Jorge Sampaoli’s team talk was once emotional: “Messi does not owe the World Cup to Argentina, however football owes the World Cup to Messi”.

Argentina have been struggling to respire within the top altitude of Quito, falling at the back of after 37 seconds. But the hero’s shiny perspective and genius modified everything. A hat-trick, finished by means of a ravishing dink over the goalkeeper, ensured the flight to Russia and break out from ignominy.

Now, Messi along with his van Gogh beard, stands in entrance of the jury again. Perhaps, it’s been a refreshing season at Barcelona, the ‘early’ ouster from the Champions League a definite blessing for all the ones Argentines begging for their messiah to be wrapped up in cotton wool. Perhaps, the resurrection will be whole on July 15 at the Luzhniki Stadium and a brand new Easter Sunday will be celebrated.

Or in all probability, he's simply human, destined to fall again. He would have touched the celebs anyway. The global, perhaps, isn't meant for one as gorgeous as him.

Let’s celebrate the Man, or the Messiah. Because we're going to miss Messi when he’s long gone.

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