Neighbour’s tin shed falls on house, injures two

Ghaziabad: Two women, who suffered injuries during the dust hurricane in the city on Sunday, have filed a grievance towards their neighbour alleging negligence. The complainant, Meenakshi (25), mentioned that her circle of relatives had a close shave after their neighbour’s tin shed, constructed adjoining to their space in Sihani village, blew and fell on her space during the hurricane.

Meenakshi, who suffered injuries on the head, blamed her neighbour, Shrinivas, for the mishap. “The brick wall and as many as 12 tins fell on our facet of the house, injuring me and my more youthful sister Priyanshi (13). My mother and 4 of my other siblings had a close save as they have been in the courtyard. Several household items, together with two water coolers, a wood cot and two bicycles, among others, have been also damaged,” Meenakshi mentioned.

She further alleged that as an alternative of paying a reimbursement to them, Shrinivas used to be threatening them. “It is not the primary time such a factor had taken position. Earlier, Shrinivas did not pay any heed to us and re-built the tin shed the use of sub-standard fabrics,” she added. The case used to be transferred to Sihani Gate police station.

Neighbour’s tin shed falls on house, injures two Neighbour’s tin shed falls on house, injures two Reviewed by kailash soni on May 15, 2018 Rating: 5
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