Mango prices in city fall as supply surges

CHENNAI: Mango aficionados had been in for a pleasing marvel over the weekend to find the fruit selling at a lot decrease prices than on the onset of the season.
Fruit vendors mentioned higher high quality mangoes have began arriving in the market leading to a glut which in turn has brought about prices to droop. “Last week, I used to be selling the Banganapalle selection at Rs 150/kg but now it is to be had at Rs 100/kg or decrease,” mentioned Kumaran, a dealer. Homemaker D Uttara was once elated to buy a kilo of Banganapalle for Rs 80/kg from a roadside dealer.

Traders mentioned as the summer season has intensified, the standard and quantity of produce entering the marketplace has stepped forward and they're pressured to sell at decrease prices.

“On some days, the number of mangoes gained at Koyambedu peaks at 100 lots. On such days, we need to push all our end result to dealers at decrease prices as the chilly storage facilities don't seem to be adequate,” N Srinivasan of the Chennai Fruits Traders Association mentioned.

He added that there is a consistent concern of a crackdown by way of meals safety department on using artificial manner to ripen mangoes which has led to traders selling away whatever produce they've gained from suppliers.

Traders mentioned they anticipated assist from the federal government to arrange chilly storage facilities. “The government has been talking about helping us for the previous four years but has done nothing,” mentioned Srinivasan.

Mango prices in city fall as supply surges Mango prices in city fall as supply surges Reviewed by kailash soni on May 15, 2018 Rating: 5
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