Asian palm civet, pythons rescued by activists

MUMBAI: An injured and dehydrated Asian palm civet was once rescued from Aarey Colony on Wednesday morning by the activists of Plant and Animals Welfare Society - Mumbai and Amma Care Foundation (PAWS-Mumbai ACF) Helpline.
The animal activists additionally rescued two large pythons from different spots against Airoli and Nahur spaces in the remaining 48 hours.

"We had received a call at around 7 am today from one Prakash Kotian stating that a `cat resembling a mongoose was lying injured inside bushes at Aarey Colony, Goregaon. PAWS-Mumbai ACF Rescue Team reached the spot by 7.15 am and spotted animal, which turned out to be an Asian palm civet which was dehydrated and looking rather weak and injured," said honorary flora and fauna warden of Mumbai city, Sunish Subramanian, who led the rescue team.

Tanmay Kolte, another rescue team member said that it was once slightly difficult to in the end rescue the civet, because it charged because the activists as soon as they tried to softly method it. Eventually, they had to wear protecting gloves to rescue the wild animal.

The Asian palm civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus) is a small viverrid, native to South and Southeast Asia. It normally inhabits number one forests, but in addition happens at decrease densities in secondary and selectively logged wooded area.

It is also found in parks and suburban gardens with mature fruit timber, fig timber and undisturbed crops. Its sharp claws allow climbing of timber and house gutters

Dr Rahul Meshram, veterinary doctor associated with the NGO, said the rescued Asian palm civet is a juvenile, with a tail damage because of an earlier twist of fate. "I have given the essential treatment and in addition food and water to the civet,'' said Dr Meshram.

Meanwhile, the 2 Indian rock pythons of sizes 7 toes and 9 toes have been additionally rescued by the NGO in the remaining two days.

"We were knowledgeable by citizens in regards to the sightings of those two pythons in two different puts with regards to the Easter Express Highway. We have successfully caught them and later safely released them in the wild,'' said Subraminian.
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