1,209 notices issued over aquifer recharge

AHMEDABAD: Over the previous week, zonal workplaces of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) have slapped 1,209 notices on multi-storey buildings, asking them to turn their groundwater percolating wells. These wells had been made obligatory in 2001 for rainwater harvesting, in keeping with the overall building control regulations (GDCR), earlier than construction use permissions had been issued by way of the AMC. In the luxury West and New West zones by myself, the AMC has issued some 730 notices.

This knee-jerk response comes whilst the federal government has undertaken the Sujalam-Sufalam campaign to recharge aquifers. “Many buildings have now not honoured the required rule to construct rainwater harvesting systems. We had been informed that the federal government plans to come out with a new groundwater regulation for towns, under which many percolating wells must be activated,” a senior AMC the city making plans reputable stated.

A Central Ground Water Board (CWGB) document from 2016-17 printed that Ahmedabad sucks out 77% of the groundwater that is recharged within the monsoon. The CWGB has already pressed the alarm, pronouncing that groundwater levels in Ahmedabad have plummeted by way of between 85m and 125m within the last four many years, pushing Ahmedabad into the semi-critical zone. A 2015 CWGB document stated that Ahmedabad district has 20,717 deep groundwater drawing resources for private irrigation and to enhance domestic water needs. These include 6,686 tubewells and 13,414 dug wells. This wanton exploitation of groundwater has put huge pressure on the water desk.

According to GDCR norms, all construction gadgets larger than 1,000 sq. metres, must have a rainwater tank with ok capability. For buildings with floor coverage more than 80square however beneath 500square, a percolation pit or bore recharge is obligatory, whilst one percolating smartly must be supplied for each and every 4000square of land space.

For plots larger than four,000square the place choices to a couple of percolating wells are required, the AMC has supplied an choice of creating a unmarried water retention pond with a minimal capability of 3 lakh litres with a percolating smartly.


It’s high time each and every main town in Gujarat accounts for groundwater use. Groundwater budgeting is a must for each and every municipal company the place one is required to estimate the input, output and the garage into and from a reservoir. This might be imaginable provided that the state government introduces stricter percolation smartly norms. The urban native authority must meter and rate any extra water let loose within the sewage machine other than daily municipal water provide.

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