US adds India to currency watch list with China

WASHINGTON: The US Treasury added India to its watch listing of countries with potentially questionable foreign currency echange insurance policies, becoming a member of China and 4 others, according to a record issued Friday.

Treasury stated the "monitoring list" includes the ones "major trading partners that merit close attention to their currency practices."

In addition to India, the semi-annual report to Congress names 5 international locations that continue on the listing from October: China, Germany, Japan, Korea and Switzerland.

Countries stay on the listing for two record cycles "to help ensure that any improvement in performance versus the criteria is durable and is not due to temporary factors."

While no main trading partner used to be discovered to be manipulating its foreign money, 5 of the ones on the listing meet two of the 3 standards, whilst China is incorporated because "it constitutes a disproportionate share of the overall US trade deficit."

The US has a deficit of $337 billion with China of a complete world business deficit of $566 billion, according to government data.

"We will continue to monitor and combat unfair currency practices, while encouraging policies and reforms to address large trade imbalances," US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin stated in a statement.

The Treasury record is required by means of Congress to identify international locations that are trying to artificially manage the price in their foreign money to realize a business advantage, as an example by means of keeping the trade rate low to advertise cheaper exports.

The record stated India, which has a $23 billion business surplus with the United States, "increased its purchases of foreign exchange over the first three quarters of 2017," despite the fact that the rupee nonetheless rose in worth.

And whilst China -- which is on the center of a brewing business dispute with Washington -- remained on the watch listing, Treasury stated "the Chinese currency generally moved against the dollar in a direction that should" lend a hand scale back China's business surplus with the United States.

Germany additionally remained on the watch listing, even though it is part of the European foreign money union, this means that it can not independently regulate the trade rate for the euro.

Even so, the record notes that Germany "has the world's largest current account surplus" and has made "little to no progress in reducing this massive surplus the past three years."

Treasury called for all the international locations on the listing to enforce financial reforms to address their surpluses.
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