This Yakshagana prodigy is just 4 years old

Mangaluru: Kids his age are busy scribbling on the wall or looking at cartoons on TV in loop, however four-year-old Arnav Prabhu is making Yakshagana appearances for some time now.

Though he's not totally conversant with the alphabets, he's rapid rising as a Yakshagana prodigy, playing the jobs of a priest or of Agni Devata and turning in the dialogue cogently. His mother Shreelatha says he's first in the family to take up Yakshagana. The boy evolved a prepared interest in the art shape as his grandparents used to take him to Yakshagana performances continuously.

Shreelatha mentioned: "He seems to be averse to Bollywood and Western art forms. I enrolled him for Bollywood and drum classes, but he chose to quit both of them. And he loves the art and culture of Tulunadu - Yakshagana and Pilivesha (tiger dance), among others. He has been attending Yakshagana classes for 10 months."

Ravi Alevooraya, his tutor, heaped reward on Arnav, one of Navabharata Yakshagana Academy's favourite scholars. His Yakshagana debut was through a play that stretched for no less than 12 hours. "He never skips classes. In addition to theatre, he is learning Chande Vaadana, besides evincing interest in Nashik band. Such interest is very uncommon among present-day kids," Ravi mentioned.

During Navaratri last year, Arnav had transform the cynosure of all eyes in the preferred Barke tableau, the place he danced as pili the entire night.

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