Tea Act can safeguard interest of small tea growers: New tea board VC

UDHAGAMANDALAM: Here’s some sweet information for the small tea growers in the Nilgiri district, who have been hard minimum reinforce worth for green leaf for the ultimate 20 years. As per Section 30A of the Tea Act 1953, the federal government can fix the minimum in addition to the utmost worth for green leaf, and also for made-tea, newly-elected vice-chairman of the Tea Board of India, B Kumaran — a local of the Nilgiris — told TOI.
The Act has the entire provisions to safeguard the small tea growers and other events involved in the production of made-tea, he stated. “The Act protects the interest of no longer simplest the small tea growers, but also the manufacturers, exporters and even wholesalers,” the official stated.

There are about 50,000 farmers cultivating tea in over one lakh acres of land in the hill district. While the price of commodities have gone up by 20% in the ultimate 3 decades, small tea growers in the Nilgiris fetch only a worth between Rs 11 and Rs 15 per kg for green leaf since 1990.

Asked why the tea board has been silent these types of years about the demand of the small tea farmers, Kumaran stated, “Tea does no longer fall under the very important commodity category like sugar, rice or wheat. But, nonetheless the Act provides one of these clause to make sure the farmers a good worth. The tea board has to take critical steps so that the ministry involved would fix a minimum worth for green leaf equipped in the act and get justice to the farmers.”

Stating that the tea advertising and marketing regulate (TMC) order has been amended just lately to carry out the prime courtroom course, the official identified that the district green leaf monitoring committee has been shaped in keeping with the modification. The committee fixes per month worth for green leaf tea, during which 65% of the auctioned worth of the made-tea is going to the farmers. Thus the course of the courtroom is being completed.

But, nonetheless the farmers aren't getting a fair value worth for the golf green leaf tea. “Tea board has to take steps to bring about an everlasting answer. Traders are the main folks in the trade selling the product. In truth, there's a huge gap between the price fetched by the farmers and the price paid by the shoppers. Neither the farmers nor the shoppers are benefited. Only the traders are benefited. Hence, the board will quickly take right kind steps to eliminate the massive gap in pricing. For this, modalities must be worked out. Obviously, all issues lie in the auctioning centres. While I can't answer for the previous actions, I will assure now that the board will take steps to fix a minimum worth for made-tea bought at public sale centres. That will clear up most of the issues. The board will meet the trade minister quickly and demand upon this factor,” Kumaran stated.

Talking about an alternative long-lasting answer, Kumaran stated, “Under the ‘Make In India’ programme, we can request the defence ministry to arrange state-of art tea production devices, at least six, in the district. The made-tea would be absorbed by the ministry for an affordable worth. That would clear up the problems of fair worth for green leaf tea, process opportunities and also curtail migration of the natives”.

Tea Act can safeguard interest of small tea growers: New tea board VC Tea Act can safeguard interest of small tea growers: New tea board VC Reviewed by kailash soni on April 15, 2018 Rating: 5
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