System deactivation leaves staff, customers in lurch

Slug: Mangalore One
Mangaluru: Seems the general public will have to look forward to some extra time to make bills at the much sought-after Mangalore One centres. Though the team of workers punched in at the office in time on Sunday, they have been in for a surprise as their programs were deactivated.

The team of workers at the entire six Mangalore One centres on Saturday had determined to renew paintings as usual after a fruitful discussion between INTUC that represented Mangalore One team of workers, executive officials and CMS, the corporate that employs Karnataka One staff.

A team of workers at one of the vital prominent centres advised TOI that they sent again a minimum of 200 shoppers on Sunday, as they weren’t ready to login to their programs. When any team of workers member, including the chief, attempted logging into the device, it didn’t allow them to do so, displaying the message ‘your account has been locked’.

The staff allege it is a ploy by CMS to terminate their services and products. “Some time ago, a consultant from CMS had visited the centre, difficult our signatures on a few paperwork. We weren’t allowed to learn the ones paperwork. He asked us our decision on problems, to which we sought time,” stated one of the vital staff.

“After the labour inspector spoke to the vice-president of CMS on Saturday, and it was conveyed to us that our demands can be met after elections, we determined to renew paintings as usual. We reached office on time on Sunday, then again, none folks have been ready to login to our programs. We sent again a minimum of 200 shoppers from this centre alone,” she stated, including that media reviews pointing out that services and products will resume on Sunday, had introduced again shoppers into the centres.

On the other hand, two centres of Mangalore One–at Surathkal and the Mangaluru City Corporation office in Lalbagh – had been close down as Mescom has reduce power supply because of non-payment of electricity expenses. The outstanding electricity invoice of the Surathkal department is Rs 1,12,000 and Lalbagh department is Rs 1,98,000.

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