Rampant sand smuggling impacts environment in villages

Rampant sand smuggling in the Noyyal has impacted the environment of the villages round Alandurai immensely. The groundwater level has dipped and flooding occurs each and every time it rains heavily. The farmers are essentially the most affected and they have got incessantly petitioned the district collector in regards to the factor.
Also, loss of stringent regulations and insufficient manpower in executive departments has dissuaded locals from submitting circumstances. “The police can book these repeat offenders below Goondas Act which is able to deter the locals from indulging in the crime. But the police have also shaped a nexus with them,” alleged K P Palanisamy, retired deputy director, agriculture division, and a farmer in Alandurai.

In Alandurai, 8 bullock carts, six vans, together with four mini-trucks, and one earthmover were seized up to now two years. But the extent of sand smuggling is way bigger. Every day, dozens of bullock carts, two wheelers, donkeys or even cars are deployed to transport the sand sacks to vans. Every day, no less than 100 tonnes of sand is smuggled.

Officials said this can't be stopped and not using a devoted staff in position. “There is definitely that local politicians, district management officers and the police are acutely aware of what is going on. Lack of intent and will to do so will lead to shedding some other river in the district. Kousika River has already vanished. The Noyyal is on the brink of its death and if we continue to permit this, there might not be any river one day,” said a farmer in Alandurai. He also alleged that the local males steadily bribed the policemen to smuggle sand.

Whenever the bullock carts or vans are seized, politicians and sand truck owners come ahead to pay the penalty. “The locals handiest fight for a month. Again, after a couple of weeks, they start the same routine. We want the police officers to take stringent action in opposition to the smugglers and the district management will have to implement stricter norms,” said a local.

Unless villagers are sensitized concerning the quite a lot of disadvantages of sand smuggling, this can't be stopped, said Mahesh, a shopkeeper in Alandurai. “If there's a flood, this village will be worst affected,” he said.

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