Old office sold off, industrial corporation HSIIDC to shift to Udyog Minar

GURUGRAM: The Haryana State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation (HSIIDC) is planning to move to Udyog Minar, a few metres from its current Udyog Vihar five administrative center that has already been sold off as a part of a land auction take care of actual property main DLF. “The administrative center has been sold as a part of the land auctioned to DLF and because of this, the administrative center will be moved to Udyog Minar,” showed an HSIIDC legitimate.
Sources in the corporation stated the deal may have been finalised with out the HSIIDC administrative center too, but it surely was incorporated in the land parcel sold it sounds as if to “give the developer more visibility and get right of entry to from the national freeway”. There are also talks going on to auction off Udyog Minar to be able to generate more revenues for the cash-strapped corporation, they claimed. However, HSIIDC officials rejected the claims and stated as of now HSIIDC was transferring to Udyog Minar and would function from there.

Real property main DLF snapped up an 11.67-acre commercial plot in Udyog Vihar, located opposite Cyber City in Gurugram, for a document Rs 1,496 crore. The value was the absolute best any govt company in Haryana won via an auction, and was more than double the reserve value set for it.

Since the realm has been notified for transit-oriented construction (TOD) that allows upper ground area ratio (FAR) — which, in simple terms, way more floors and a bigger built-up area than what's in most cases approved — DLF must pay an additional Rs 143 crore as statutory TOD fees, in addition to Rs 104 crore as registration fee to the income department.

Some industrials have alleged that the land has been sold at a price lower than the market fee. “Just across the freeway, land is being sold at Rs 140 crore consistent with acre. So, the price of 11.67 acres would have come to round Rs 1,600 crore,” claimed Aseem Takkyar, an industrialist and RTI activist.

HSIIDC has lined up a couple of properties for auction, hoping to generate more revenues to satisfy its liabilities.

Old office sold off, industrial corporation HSIIDC to shift to Udyog Minar Old office sold off, industrial corporation HSIIDC to shift to Udyog Minar Reviewed by kailash soni on April 17, 2018 Rating: 5
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