Now, foreigners travelling to India can get visa extended online

NEW DELHI: Foreigners traveling India will not need to talk over with the Foreigners Registration Office or the Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRO/FRRO) for visa-related services, together with registration and visa extension, which will now be offered on-line throughout the e-FRRO platform.

Home minister Rajnath Singh on Friday launched the web-based application ‘e-FRRO’, which will permit overseas vacationers/travellers to avail of paperless and cashless visa-related services on-line while getting rid of the desire for any human interface.

In the new system, foreigners will be capable of get 27 visa and immigration-related services in India from the relaxation of their position of stay. Using the e-FRRO application, foreigners can follow on-line and procure the provider(s) through email/publish with out appearing in person at the FRO/FRRO.

While launching the e-FRRO provider, Singh stated the house ministry were repeatedly looking to supply rapid and efficient services to foreigners visiting India so that they'd a nice stay.

Some of the features of the e-FRRO include on-line FRRO provider supply mechanism with out requirement of visiting the FRRO/FRO barring in outstanding instances. Using this application, foreigners are required to create their consumer ID by means of registering themselves. Afterwards, they can follow on-line through registered consumer ID for quite a lot of visa and immigration linked services in India like registration, visa extension, visa conversion, exit allow and so forth. The e-FRRO scheme has been working successfully in four FRROs (Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai) since February 12. Now, it has been rolled out in Kolkata, Amritsar, Hyderabad, Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram, Kozhikode, Lucknow and Ahmedabad.

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