Mumbai: Court orders son, his wife to vacate parents' Parel flat

MUMBAI: Safeguarding the possession rights of a senior citizen couple over their Parel flat, a sessions court has ordered their son and daughter- in-law to vacate the premises.
Last week, the court upheld the December 2017 intervening time order of a Justice of the Peace court in the home violence complaint. Additionally, the sessions court additionally ordered the daughter-in-law, Sonali Sawant, to pay Rs 30,000 rent for the three months that she continued to stay in the home.

Sonali (37) appealed ahead of the sessions court. Dismissing her attraction, the sessions court stated, "It is the responsibility of the appellant (Sonali) and her husband to take care of their elderly parents. Instead, they are forced to face court proceedings in their old age." She used to be additionally ordered to pay Rs 5,000 value to her in-laws, Malati and Shridhar Sawant.

Malati and Shridhar had submitted a home violence complaint to the Mazgaon metropolitan Justice of the Peace court remaining yr. They sought to restrain their son and his spouse from getting into their space. The Justice of the Peace had issued restraining orders and stated the intervening time aid used to be to proceed till the case used to be disposed of.

Sonali challenged the order only on the ground that the Justice of the Peace court had passed it in her absence. She further said she may no longer conform to the order instantly and needed time as she had a school-going daughter and her husband got a role just lately.

The sessions court, on the other hand, identified previous this yr Sonali had sought time till April on the grounds that her daughter's checks would be over then. This used to be granted through the court. During ultimate arguments, she sought an extension until her daughter's effects had been declared. Irked, the sessions court stated, "It appears to me the appellant has no intention to comply with her own words given to the court and she is protracting the matter."

The court stated despite being served notices, Sonali and her husband had no longer appeared ahead of the Justice of the Peace court. "Hence, I do not find any fault in the trial court proceeding in the absence of the appellant," the court stated.

Mumbai: Court orders son, his wife to vacate parents' Parel flat Mumbai: Court orders son, his wife to vacate parents' Parel flat Reviewed by kailash soni on April 15, 2018 Rating: 5
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