Ludhianvis take to social media to raise their voice

Ludhiana: Amid the clamour for justice to the Kathua gang-rape and murder sufferer, which has been growing across the nation, metropolis citizens are taking to social networking sites to voice their fortify for severe punishment to the culprits.

Advocate Sahil Sharma from Dugri shared a message on Whatsapp which learn: “I thought being a lawyer made me emotionally robust, however the brutality dedicated on an eight-year-old child in Kathua has changed my perception. Her symbol didn't let me sleep for the past two days. By holding mum, I believe like a perpetrator too, and my blood is boiling when the accused used the protect of Hinduism. I am offended as a result of those beasts.”

City-based physician Priti Vohra wrote on Facebook: “Why is the whole lot associated with religion? Can’t it just be in accordance with humanity? On compassion for a child who had to undergo so much at this kind of delicate age? Why does the ruling party play the faith card each time? Is this just to divide other folks? Why can’t the people perceive this? We must all unite in combination in opposition to all this for a greater the next day to come for long term generations.”

A tender poetess from the city, Srishti Jaitwani, wrote a poem in Urdu on the rape and murder, that loosely interprets as: ‘The humanity of people stands brutally bare on the crossroads; Our darling daughters drown pathetically in swamps of worry, greed, lust, and deceit; Their blush crimson palms, oh so delicate, turn red from their very own spilled blood; Humanity has failed them, people have failed them. Please don’t let this barbarian wave take over the essence of humanity; Rise above politics and religion; Join hands in unification; Let the nice rise in opposition to the evil.”

Meanwhile, Punjab’s Shahi Imaam Maulana Habib-ur-Rehman Saani Ludhianvi has demanded strict punishment for the culprits of Kathua rape-murder, and Unnao rape case. He condemned the political game of implicating some and saving others in the title of religion. He mentioned the governments had been working clear of their responsibility, and this is the reason such heinous crimes had been regularly going down in the nation. He added that politicians must make cast rules to ensure the protection of daughters in the nation. Meanwhile, a city-based Facebook web page has saved an image of the lady as the cover picture.

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