IIT-Guwahati students light up underdeveloped Amtola village

AMTOLA (KAMRUP): A young brigade of students from IIT Guwahati's Team Techniche has illuminated the streets of one of the oldest villages of Assam - Amtola in Kamrup district - for the primary time this festive season. The scholars have grew to become Rongali Bihu vibrant for this underdeveloped village mostly inhabited by the fishermen community.
Amtola and its neighbouring villages have faced the fury of floods for long and is among the villages that has been deprived of elementary amenities for decades. However, the initiative to put in solar lighting fixtures undertaken by Team Techniche, the once a year techno-management fest of IIT Guwahati, has ushered in rays of hope for the villagers. The Techniche workforce has voluntarily put in 5 solar lighting fixtures that price about Rs 25 thousand every in the destitute areas of Amtola village near Kukurmara with the enhance of village citizens and the sponsors of Techniche.

"We are very optimistic about the bright students of IIT Guwahati who took all the pain to light up the dark streets of Amtola. For such a long time after independence no one realized the need of street lights here even though the village is not far away from Guwahati. We are grateful to the IITians for their benevolence," Bigya Jit Das, an area early life, informed TOI.

Even despite the fact that it is surrounded by emerging commercial zones, Team Techniche mentioned greater than 80% of Amtola continues to be underdeveloped in technical and infrastructural sides. The plight of the villagers of Amtola got here to the attention of Team Techniche thru some of the folks from the village who were running at the IIT on building projects, added the students.

Techniche objectives at the built-in construction of both rural and semi-rural areas and installing energy-efficient solar lighting fixtures in the necessitous areas of the villages is part of the programme. Techniche has up to now put in over 100 LED side road lighting fixtures in additional than 50 villages, turning in advantages of 40-45% energy and fiscal financial savings.

"We have received a very good response from village people and Assam government, which has motivated us to continue the initiative next year as well," mentioned convenor of Techniche 2018, Purvish Shah.

Working with a imaginative and prescient of uplifting the underdeveloped villages situated on the outskirts of Guwahati, the Techniche workforce objectives at tackling the infrastructure deficit and providing complex technical enhance to the villages which are in need. "Installation of lights is more than just solving problems, it is a step towards empowerment and enlightenment," a Techniche professional mentioned.

IIT-Guwahati students light up underdeveloped Amtola village IIT-Guwahati students light up underdeveloped Amtola village Reviewed by kailash soni on April 17, 2018 Rating: 5
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