I don’t enjoy having sex with my husband

Question : I have been married for 2 years and proportion a wholesome dating with my husband. We love every different but sadly, he is unable to satisfy me sexually. I believe uncomfortable sharing this, but he can not last longer. I don't want to harm his ego through letting him know this sour fact but I am sexually annoyed because of this. What must I do? Please assist

Response through Rachana Awatramani: Besides agree with and open communication between companions, sexual pride and wholesome sexual dating also are essential for a married couple. I take into account that you aren't sexually satisfied in your dating and it can be a irritating and tough scenario for you to take care of. I appreciate that you've shared your considerations here.

Many researches show that there's high correlation between sexual pride and satisfied marriages. Another reason why is communication. If you don't keep in touch along with your spouse overtly and categorical your considerations, he would now not know how to take care of it and in your case, he would possibly now not even know that you're not satisfied because you aren't expressing it to him. You have discussed that you simply both have a wholesome dating, which I think will mean you can to keep in touch along with your spouse simply and you can try expressing your sexual dissatisfaction. Sexual wants will also be other for men and women, and also you both can come to a commonplace ground through talking with every different.

The very best approach of dealing with your fear is to speak to him without delay and make efforts of trying new issues in your sexual act to make it interesting and thrilling for either one of you. You can visit a sex counsellor for steerage. As you are already annoyed, now not dealing with the issue would possibly create unhealthy dating between you and your spouse.

—Ms Rachana Awatramani is a Counselling Psychologist in Mumbai

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