Dengue larvae found at PRTC bus depot

LUDHIANA: The anti-larva scheme staff of district health department on Friday found dengue larvae at the PRTC bus depot whilst wearing out their week checks. The department has already declared Friday as ‘dry day’ and behavior particular checking at various puts within the city where there's downside of stagnant water.

Earlier too, the department had found larvae at the PRTC bus depot and had issued warning to the government for now not getting accrued water cleaned. Now, because the larvae has ben found agains, the health officers will ask the municipal company to challan PRTC. The larvae have been destroyed at the spot.

District epidemiologist Dr Ramesh said, “They have been dengue larvae which we destroyed at the spot and the PRTC has been asked not to let water to get accrued within the tyres and at other puts within the depot.”

The health groups also created awareness relating to spread of vector-borne diseases like malaria, dengue and chikungunya in Haibowal space. The groups informed other people to keep their coolers and water tanks blank and once per week, they will have to dry the coolers and water tanks after vacating them. Since dengue and chikungunya mosquitoes bite all the way through the day, other people will have to keep their frame parts fully lined. The residents have been informed to make use of mosquito repellants at the night time time for his or her protection. People will have to now not let water to get accumulated in damaged pots, drums and tyres, where mosquitoes can simply breed.

Dengue larvae found at PRTC bus depot Dengue larvae found at PRTC bus depot Reviewed by kailash soni on April 15, 2018 Rating: 5
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