Assad prepares to assault last rebel enclave near Damascus

BEIRUT: The Syrian military began preparatory shelling for an assault on the final house outdoor its control near Damascus on Tuesday, a commander in the pro-government alliance mentioned, development on its fresh capture of the main suburb of eastern Ghouta.

Recovering the Yarmouk camp and neighbouring spaces located south of the town would give President Bashar al-Assad complete control over Syria's capital, further consolidating his grip on power.

Yarmouk, Syria's greatest camp for Palestinian refugees since the mid-20th century, has been underneath the control of Islamic State fighters for several years. Although the majority of residents have fled, the United Nations says thousands stay.

Assad has benefited from Russian air power since 2015 to regain massive swathes of Syria, placing him in his strongest position since the early months of the seven-year-old struggle.

The struggle has killed more than 500,000 people and has drawn in regional and international powers. The United States, Britain and France launched their first coordinated strikes towards Assad's government on Saturday in retaliation for what they say was a poison gas assault on April 7 that killed ratings of residents in Douma, the final the city in the eastern Ghouta to fall.

The Western missiles destroyed 3 goals that have been evacuated upfront, however did not anything to alter the wider process the struggle, leaving Assad's Russian-backed forces still on the offensive with the function of recapturing all of the nation.

Damascus and Moscow have both denied the usage of poison gas and have broadcast statements from clinic workers in Douma - which scientific assist groups working in rebel spaces have brushed aside as propaganda - announcing that no chemical assault happened.

A group of international chemical guns inspectors that arrived in Damascus on Friday has still no longer visited Douma to collect evidence, regardless that Russia mentioned it could achieve this on Wednesday.

Syrian state media reported that missiles had once more centered an airbase in a single day, however a commander in the regional army alliance backing the federal government later informed Reuters it was a false alarm.

The commander, speaking on condition of anonymity, mentioned the brand new offensive would target Islamic State and Nusra Front militants in Yarmouk camp and al-Hajar al-Aswad district. Rebels in the adjoining Beit Sahm house would withdraw on buses through an agreement with the federal government, the commander mentioned.


A central authority media tour on Monday of Douma, the most important the city in the former rebel enclave of eastern Ghouta simply outdoor Damascus, published serious destruction and the plight of residents who had survived years of siege.

The assault on eastern Ghouta began in February and resulted in government victory on Saturday when rebels withdrew from the town, hours after the Western international locations were completed with their air strikes on constructions they mentioned were used to investigate or store chemical guns and kit.

Each of the rebel groups controlling spaces of eastern Ghouta in the end agreed give up deals that concerned withdrawal to opposition-held spaces of northwestern Syria together with Idlib.

After the recapture of eastern Ghouta, Assad still has several smaller wallet of ground to recuperate from rebels, in addition to two main spaces they cling in the northwest and southwest.

Besides the pocket south of Damascus, rebels still cling besieged enclaves in the the city of Dumayr northeast of Damascus, in the Eastern Qalamoun mountains close by, and around Rastan north of Homs.

The pro-government commander mentioned the military had ready for army motion in the Eastern Qalamoun, however that Russia was working on the militants' withdrawal without a battle. State tv mentioned on Tuesday that rebels in Dumayr had additionally agreed to withdraw.

In northwest Syria, the largest house still held by way of rebels, a government assault could bring Damascus into disagreement with Turkey, which has set up a string of army commentary posts in the house.

Ali Akbar Velayati, a top Iranian official, mentioned right through a consult with to Damascus final week that he hoped that the military would soon regain Idlib and spaces of eastern Syria now held by way of an alliance of Kurdish and Arab militias sponsored by way of Washington.
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