Accidents, assaults swamp emergency helpline on Bihu

GUWAHATI: People across the state were engaged in the Rongali Bihu festivities all through the past two days, but the festival was once marred by means of quite a lot of circumstances of road accidents and attacks across the state.
Driving inebriated was once the prime reason behind the prime selection of road accidents happening all through the festival.

According to available data, the GVK EMRI 108 Emergency Service won a total of 129 circumstances of road accidents from across the state on April 14 and 147 circumstances on April 15. It additionally won a total of 25 circumstances of bodily attack on April 14 from across the state and 32 circumstances on April 15.

In Kamrup (Metro) district the emergency service won 10 circumstances of road accidents each on April 14 and 15. However, it won only one case of bodily attack each on those two days.

"We have received a number of cases of road accidents from different parts of the state during the two days of Rongali Bihu festivities. Most of the accidents occurred because of people driving vehicles under the influence of alcohol. Our paramedical staffs engaged in the rescue work shifted the injured after administering them with the required first aid treatment to the nearest government hospital, " stated government of the GVK EMRI 108 Emergency Service.

On the other hand, there additionally occur many twist of fate circumstances where the public do not touch the emergency service and as an alternative take the injured to the closest medical institution. In such instances those circumstances go unreported.

"The number of cases of physical assaults also tend to be high during festivities. Usually people get excited and get into arguments and brawls on the slightest pretext leading to injury. In such cases we contact the police, who also reach the scene and take necessary action, " stated an professional of the service.

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