Radio of hope for man who sought euthanasia for son

AHMEDABAD: Parth Mesuria, an 11-year-old boy from Amreli, whose father Dinesh Mesuria had pleaded euthanasia for his son suffering from an extraordinary neurological disorder has were given a ray of hope from a citybased choice drugs practitioner. A radio frequency system — Hem Hans Frequency Machine — evolved by means of the practitioner at the basis of researches completed by means of US- and Germany-based scientists, has helped scale back seizure count to four an afternoon than the sooner eight seizures in a minute.
Parth suffers from subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE) which reasons spasms or jerks and the affected person loses keep watch over over the motion. This viral illness steadily manifests as dementia or personality alterations and the affected person’s behaviour turns odd and erratic.

Parth gotten smaller this illness after a spell of top fever in July 2016. While the fever broke after a few days, the seizures persevered unabated.

In November 2017, Dinesh wrote to PM Narendra Modi, searching for dying for his bedridden son who can not consume, talk or even move, mentioning that it was once painful to peer his son die each and every minute, undergoing unparalleled pain and suffering.

The letter ended in the PMO arranging free scientific treatment for Parth at AIIMS, Delhi, but with little reduction. After the Supreme Court’s contemporary verdict at the passive euthanasia, on March 10 Dinesh Mesuria decided to make a fresh plea searching for euthanasia.

This information was once famous by means of PM Modi’s elder brother Soma Modi, who decided to lend a hand the child. He discussed the case with a city-based choice drugs practitioner, Dr Hemant Broker, who sent the Hem Hans Frequency Machine which delivers frequencies to treat 1000's of sicknesses in response to settings recorded by means of a German scientist Dr Royal Rife and a US-based scientist Dr Hulda Clarke, to the child.

Parth is hooked directly to the system four to five occasions an afternoon for half-an-hour session since March 13. Dinesh, who earns his livelihood by means of selling lunch packets to manufacturing facility labourers, stated the family has dropped the plan to seek passive euthanasia for the son as his situation has advanced significantly.

“Parth have been suffering eight to 10 seizures a minute but ever since the system was once tiedtohiswrist, hissituation has advanced. In the past two days, intensity and frequency of seizureshave diminished considerably. Parth is also able to call us, see us and is also able to transport his body. He also laughed after a protracted long time. ItisGod's grace,” statedDinesh.

Somabhai Modi, when contactedby TOI, stated: “I started consulting Dr Broker for knee pain just recently. When I read the shifting story of Parth's father searching for euthanasia for his son, I discussed the conceivable treatment with Dr Broker and decided to lend a hand theMesuria family. Dr Broker sent the system to the family and I used to be glad to listen to from Parth’s father about growth in his symptoms. I'm thankful that lets lend a hand the little child.”

“I'm a broker and businessman by means of occupation. Alternative healing gratis is my hobby. I had evolved radio frequency healing system 15 years in the past and upgraded it three years back. I have simply followed research completed by means of overseas scientistsfor thebenefit of other folks suffering from diseases,” stated 88-year-old Dr Broker.
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