Arvind Kejriwal’s trusted man resigns

NEW DELHI: Chief minister Arvind Kejriwal’s adviser, retired IAS officer V Okay Jain, has resigned, days after his observation to the police on the alleged attack on leader secretary Anshu Prakash by way of two AAP MLAs.
While Jain has cited “private reasons”, resources stated it would be tough for him to continue in a post that requires a bond of consider between him and the CM. Jain has sent his resignation to the CM and LG Anil Baijal, stated resources, adding that Kejriwal was not present when Jain went to deliver his resignation letter on Monday.

Jain’s departure comes at a time when the tussle between the political government and the bureaucracy in Delhi is out in the open with the latter proceeding with handiest written channels of communique for most work rather then crucial meetings comparable to the ones for price range arrangements.

On February 22, Jain advised the police, “I were given up from the meeting to go to the washroom. When I returned, I saw MLAs Amanatullah Khan and Prakash Jarwal were hitting the executive secretary, asking him why he did not work. They driven him and then held his chin of their hand asking him to work. Suddenly his glasses fell.” In an earlier observation, Jain had stated he went to the washroom and couldn’t say what took place during the meeting.

Jain’s brush with the AAP executive began in June 2015 when he was posted as CEO of Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board. He got here to the Delhi executive from a posting in Doordarshan. Following his work on evening shelters, he changed into a favorite of the highest brass in the ruling dispensation and was some of the few officers who controlled to finish his stint in place of work with none tussle with the elected executive as he retired in August 2017. In the primary week of September, Jain was appointed the adviser to CM Kejriwal, an overly relied on role that introduced him into the limelight.

Jain was given the room that has always been used by the person maintaining the post of fundamental secretary to the CM. The final one in the role was Kerjiwal’s relied on aide, IAS officer Rajendra Kumar. However, six months into the task, Jain has resigned following most definitely the worst stalemate between the political government and the bureaucracy.

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