'All men may vanish from world one day'

BENGALURU: Will all men disappear from earth in the future? Raising this existential query for men, Prof Jennifer Graves, evolutionary geneticist from Australia, on Tuesday mentioned disappearance of men is a possibility as the human male Y chromosome could also be at the trail to extinction.
Prof Jennifer, the first woman recipient of Australian Prime Minister's prize for science, used to be delivering the Academy Public Lecture at the matter 'Animal sex choice by genes, chromosomes and surroundings' at IISc.

Pointing out that there were 1,600 genes at the Y chromosome, which is accountable for the male sex creating, in non-human ancestors about 166 million years ago, she mentioned: "Now, the number of genes on Y chromosome is down to about 45. If the trend continues, there may not be a Y chromosome in about 4.6 million years from now."

The geneticist, then again, mentioned the di sappearance of men is handiest a possibility as there could be other genomic adjustments as smartly. "There is hope for men. A new sex determination gene may be evolved to replace the existing genes. Or humans might evolve another way of determining sex. Even the X chromosome may undergo drastic changes, we never know," she mentioned.

She added that 4.6 million years is a long time and the human race itself would possibly change into extinct sooner than that.

Prof Graves, who is running with La Trobe University, Australia, and is Emeritus Professor of the Australian National University, has executed pioneering analysis within the box of comparative genomics.

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