''Wacky" weather makes Arctic warmer than parts of Europe

OSLO: A freak warming around the North Pole is sending a blast of Arctic chilly over Europe in a sign of "wacky" climate that may happen more frequently with man-made world warming, scientists mentioned on Monday.
On the northern tip of Greenland, the Cape Morris Jesup meteorological website has had a record-smashing 61 hours of temperatures above freezing so far in 2018, connected to an extraordinary retreat of sea ice in the Arctic wintry weather darkness.

"It's never been this extreme," mentioned Ruth Mottram, a local weather scientist at the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI). Warmth used to be entering the Arctic both up from the Atlantic and through the Bering Strait, riding and chilly air south.

Around all the Arctic area, temperatures are actually about 20C (36°F) above normal, at minus 8 levels Celsius (17.6°F), according to DMI calculations.

To the south, an extraordinary snow hurricane hit Rome on Monday and a few Brussels mayors deliberate to detain homeless in a single day if they refused shelter with temperatures set to fall as little as minus 10 Celsius (14 Fahrenheit) in the coming week.

Hit by means of easterly winds from Siberia, towns from Warsaw to Oslo have been colder than minus 8C.

As long ago as 1973, a study steered that an ice-free Arctic Ocean may make regions further south colder. That "warm Arctic, cold continent" (WAC#C) trend is every now and then dubbed "wacc-y" or "wacky" amongst local weather scientists.

"Wacky weather continues with scary strength and persistence," tweeted Professor Lars Kaleschke, a professor at the University of Hamburg.

"The question is whether this weather will happen more often. This is just one event so it's hard to make a causal relationship," he informed Reuters.
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