Tea stalls to dhabas, residents flag rising encroachments in DLF 2 and 3

GURUGRAM: Residents of DLF stages 2 and three have expressed concern about encroachments like unauthorised tea stalls and liquor vends within the space. DLF-Three citizens mentioned squatters have occupied large areas close to blocks T, S, U and W. “We are in reality tired of those encroachments that have arise here over the past few years,” mentioned R P Bajaj, a resident.
“While we wait for present ones to be scaled back, we most effective end up seeing new ones arising at more than a few places and present ones expanding even further with impunity,” Bajaj added.

“New ones have sprung up in a lot of these blocks. What is the purpose of living in prosperous societies if they're so obtainable to each and every unlawful squatter?” mentioned some other resident. Some of them also pointed to a large patch of land occupied through a scrap dealer. “Areas with regards to Cyber Greens, on the very entrance of DLF-Three, are swarming with dhabas and taxis,” Bajaj mentioned. “This isn't even a semblance of order on this space. People are erecting those unauthorised stalls here, but the authority isn't coming forward to curb them.”

Large parts of personal land interspersed throughout the land belonging to DLF has resulted within the complicated downside due to which shanty clusters have arise throughout all the DLF-Three space.

Fuming DLF citizens have been complaining nearly each and every month about having the issues they face due to those encroachments.

While citizens allege the stalls have been placing a pressure on the power and water resources, officials mentioned permission for securing connections is regularly issued after the distributors pay four instances the common charges.

In DLF-2, citizens mentioned opening up of dhabas has led to drunkards coming to the realm, which creates insecurity amongst citizens. “These dhabas have arise close to Sahara Mall and other areas too. There are liquor vends as neatly. As a end result, under the influence of alcohol other people regularly end up frequenting residential areas past due at night time. Such an intrusion creates panic and scare,” mentioned R S Rathi, some other resident of DLF-2.

When TOI contacted DLF officials regarding the issue, they refused to comment.

Tea stalls to dhabas, residents flag rising encroachments in DLF 2 and 3 Tea stalls to dhabas, residents flag rising encroachments in DLF 2 and 3 Reviewed by kailash soni on February 15, 2018 Rating: 5
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