Surge in demand for A2 milk across the state

Coimbatore: R P Santhosh Kumar, a local of Pollachi who had only one local cow, has determined to shop for 10 more to satisfy the call for for A2 milk within the area the place he lives. He used to promote only Three litres of milk on a daily basis at Ramanathapuram in Coimbatore. The call for has now higher to 25 litres and he's unable to satisfy it. "Many people call me and ask me to deliver the milk to them. But it is very difficult for me to meet the transport costs. I am planning to increase my supply by purchasing 10 more native cows," he mentioned. He charges Rs100-130 in step with litre and plans to provide it to residents in Erode, Tirupur and Coimbatore.
The call for for the milk has higher throughout Tamil Nadu up to now two years so much that Mithun Chakravarthy has arrange a plant for it in Chennai. "The demand for the milk was so much and we had many native cows with us. So we set up the plant three months ago and supply the milk to Koyambedu and other parts of Chennai. The minimum cost per litre is Rs 100," he mentioned.

Some even do door delivery. Manoj Prasanna from Andhiyur in Tamil Nadu provides A2 milk on the door step of his shoppers. "I sell nearly 200 litres every month across Tamil Nadu," he mentioned. My father had over 50 local breed cows and I now have just about 100.

R P Santhosh Kumar mentioned that it's only as a result of the kids within the state that the call for has gone up. "Earlier we would use this milk for household purposes and also give it away to neighbours out of goodwill. But now, the demand is really high, and no one is able to meet it," he mentioned.

The local cow produces only Three-4 litres of milk a day for just about seven months in a year. "Since the production is less and the maintenance is high no one preferred native breeds. Also, there was no demand for the milk back then. In the past two years, people are willing to spend up to Rs150 per litre. Due to this, farmers want to buy more cattle and increase the milk production. Once more native breeds come into the market and it is commercialised, the prices of the milk will go down," mentioned S P Kumarasamy, a farmer from Kangeyam.

In Coimbatore, farmers have started supplying A2 milk to natural stores. Satish Kumar mentioned he provides milk to M S Organic foods, a shop arrange through his uncle. Similarly, stores comparable to Uyir also promote the milk.

Commercial sale has also begun in Coimbatore as Selvakumar Varadarajan who sells the milk below the emblem Vilfresh has 85 exclusive shoppers for A2 milk. But the increasing call for has also resulted in the cost of local livestock going as much as Rs1 lakh.

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