RSS has infiltrated all government departments: Rahul Gandhi

KALABURAGI: Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday claimed that demonetisation was the brainchild of neither Union finance minister Arun Jaitley nor the Reserve Bank of India, but that of the RSS.
Interacting with pros and businessmen here, Rahul asked: "Do you know where the idea of notebandi came from? It was neither the RBI nor Jaitley nor any officer in the finance ministry. It was a particular ideologue of the RSS. The RSS puts an idea in Modi's mind and he launches it."

While reacting to a proposal by means of a physician to provoke upon the Union govt to take away clauses in the proposed medical invoice which might be towards the pastime of doctors, he stated, "This (NDA) government believes people don't know anything and therefore taking unilateral decisions."

This was Rahul's third assault on Modi as he wound up his four-day excursion of six districts of Hyderabad-Karnataka region. Earlier, Rahul had stated Modi using by means of looking into the rear-view mirror and like a cricketer batting by means of looking at the wicket-keeper were the reasons of injuries like demonetisation and GST.

Rahul stated the BJP and RSS were making makes an attempt to seize all institutions in the nation. "The BJP is trying to capture all institutions in India and the RSS is trying to push its people into every institution. You must have heard what Mohan Bhagwatji said," he stated. (Bhagwat, right through an RSS meeting at Muzaffarnagar, reportedly stated the Army would possibly take six to seven months to organize for battle but RSS cadres can get ready in simply three days.)

He went on: "Today, maximum Union ministers' officers on special accountability (OSDs) are from the RSS. Even in Niti Aayog, RSS men were planted. This is a very bad trend.''

"The Congress believes these institutions belong to the folk, not to staff of any political celebration. We want to democratise these institutions to inspire people's participation in governance. But BJP believes in bureaucratisation of those institutions to plant their men," he stated. Rahul assured them that if the Congress is voted to energy in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, it will simplify and reform the current GST to make sure a single tax slab capped at an appropriate stage.

According to him, when Congress conceptualized GST, the purpose was to simplify people's lives. "We wanted to have one GST capped at18% and stay the massive number of items used by the deficient and not unusual guy out of GST," he added.

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