Residents thwart tree-cutting bid on ‘dispensary’ land

GURUGRAM: Residents of Sushant Lok 1 on Saturday filed a grievance with the police and the woodland division against an alleged bid by the developer to chop bushes on the community park in Block C.
The land in question has been earmarked for a dispensary. And despite the district court docket lately giving a ruling in favour of the developer in a case, citizens mentioned it has over 100 bushes of secure species and thus a nod is needed from the woodland division to chop the same.

TOI visited the spot and located two gates of the park, unfold across 1.2 acres of land, have been introduced down by two bulldozers which were parked inside of. The park has bushes of secure species, including peepal, neem and banyan. However, no permission has been sought by the developer from the woodland division to chop bushes on the website online.

"Over 80 people, along with two bulldozers, came to the park in the afternoon. Even though some kids and senior citizens were in the park, they broke a gate and moved into the park. As soon as I spotted the bulldozers, I raised an alarm and we immediately informed the police and the forest department," mentioned a resident of Green Meadows.

Some citizens allege that the developer wants to take hold of land beneath the garb of clearing green space for a dispensary.

"The park has been in this area for the past 20 years. More than 1,000 families use this park. Despite the fact that there is a dispensary site just 200 metres away, the developer wants to grab this piece of land," mentioned Shashi Sharma, some other resident.

"We won't let the developer to cut trees at any cost. The developer has only constructed a boundary wall around the park and provide water for the trees and plants. But the residents take care of the park," he added.

When requested, Satish Kumar, in-charge of Sushant Lok 1 police chowki, mentioned, "We called both the parties (residents and the developer) at the police station as soon as we received the complaint. The developer, who claimed to have a court order, has assured it will not undertake any work in the park for a week. Meanwhile, the residents can approach the court for further information."

Officials of the woodland division mentioned no permission used to be given to the developer or another individual to chop bushes within the house. "We have not given any permission to anyone to cut trees in the area. We sent our people to the spot as soon as we received a complaint. The staff members carried out an inspection, but no trees were found to be cut," mentioned a senior reliable.

However, an reliable spokesperson for Ansals, the developer, mentioned, "The court has given a judgment in our favour, saying the site remains a dispensary site. The residents developed this site as a green patch on their own and then moved the court when we tried to claim the area. On Saturday, we were just trying to clear the land. We had no intention to cut any trees without getting required permission from the forest department."

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