Rain likely, may bring chill and fog back next week

GURUGRAM: Brace for chilly winds and foggy days next week as an energetic western disturbance is likely to spray rain and snow across northern states like Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh.
Officials said a strong weather machine was making its approach into the area and would hit town on Sunday evening, even though the height process is expected on Monday morning. The showers will deliver down temperatures and create foggy prerequisites, the officers said.

Currently, the slight rise in sunlight hours temperatures has been attributed to the arrival of this weather machine that can deliver some warm air from Rajasthan before liberating rains and snow within the northern states.

"An active western disturbance is likely to affect western Himalayan Region and the plains of northwestern India during February 10 to February 13, with peak activity on February 12. In association with this system, an induced cyclonic circulation is likely to form over southwestern Rajasthan and neighbourhood. Moisture incursion will also take place over the region from the Arabian Sea as well as from the Bay of Bengal," Indian Meteorological Department said in a commentary. "Isolated rains and thunder showers will occur in parts of Haryana, including Gurugram."

Although Gurugram is regarded as a part of NCR, town has frequently aligned with the weather trend in southern Haryana than different parts of Delhi. Officials said that parts of Delhi and thereabouts may even obtain a spell of sunshine to reasonable rain and thundershowers on February 12.

An authentic from Regional Weather Forecasting Centre said, "The rains will occur during the morning. From February 13, the weather will regain the normal course. Minimum temperature may not be affected that much, but maximum will decline. We are expecting it to come down to 18 degree Celsius." The maximum temperature on Friday was nearly 22 degrees Celsius in Gurugram. The minimal dropped to 7 degrees.

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