Performance trials to start on Aqua line within 7 days

NOIDA: Oscillation trials to test train performance at the 29.9km Aqua Line metro between Noida and Greater Noida is likely to start inside a week.
The trial will start as soon as the track receives complete energy from the receiving sub-station positioned at Sector 148, Noida. “The substation has finished all its civil work and is watching for protection clearances from electrical protection division prior to energy may also be transmitted to the Aqua line,” an legitimate of UP Power Transmission Corporation Limited instructed TOI on Wednesday.

Oscillation trial involves a chain of trials performed by Research Designs and Standards Organisation below railway ministry to test train performance on the actual track below various load capacities and speeds after which compare them with design values. During the trials, the train will likely be examined at other speeds to measure the lateral and vertical acceleration (wobbling of coaches) at other locations. The values will have to be throughout the specified restrict. The assessments may also be repeated below other load conditions (complete/empty). OT may even include the emergency braking distance trials. This is to test if the train stops inside a specified distance and time on making use of the emergency brake.

According to Saurabh Gaur, superintending engineer, UPPTCL, they've already carried out for protection clearances from the dept. “We expect a consult with by their officers within the next 2-Three days, and then we will be able to get a document. Following this clearance document, the substation will cross live and we will be able to transmit energy to energize all the Aqua Line,” he mentioned.

At the receiving sub-station, incoming energy provide at 132 kV voltage level will likely be taken from grid substation of state electricity board, that is, UPPTCL, and will likely be stepped right down to 25 kV for traction (train operation) purpose and 33 kV for energy to feed station rather a lot, like lighting, airconditioning, lifts, escalators, and so forth. The 21 stations alongside the corridor may also be powered by 10 megawatt solar energy generated by roof-top sun panels.

“The dependable electrical energy is a essential requirement for working metro community,” mentioned P D Upadhyay, general supervisor (finance), NMRC who right now additionally holds rate of executive director of the metro corporate. “Once we obtain whole energy for the trial run, we will be able to take the trial up to Sector 149 in Noida. Presently, we're the use of an alternate supply of energy provide from the depot. This temporary 30 megawatt energy is being equipped by discom, RC Green,” he mentioned.

“With this, the trials called the “oscillation trial” will likely be undertaken. This trial will center of attention on curves alongside the metro track and cover every other four stations including Alpha-I, Pari Chowk, Knowledge Park-II and Sector 149 positioned in Noida,” Upadhyay mentioned. “Thereafter, all sections of the 29.9km corridor will likely be undertaken prior to the commissioning of the track in April,” he mentioned. “Presently, trials are being undertaken by the four-coach metro test train up to Alpha-II station alongside the course from the depot (backyard),” he added.

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