Panic after injured tusker enters town

Coimbatore: Residents of Dhaliyur and Onapalayam near the city have raised worry over the alleged apathy of woodland officers in treating an injured lone tusker that had strayed into the town.
Residents mentioned a lone tusker with an harm on its jaw had entered the locality on Friday. “The tusker additionally looked as if it would stroll slowly. So, we informed woodland officers who got here to the spot and took stock of the location. But they did not treat the elephant or take steps to force it back into the woodland,” mentioned a source.

Some wildlife enthusiasts from the area alleged that officers were looking to force the tusker towards Kerala with out treating its harm.

However, a wildlife activist mentioned the elephant gave the look to be healthy. “It may well be round 13 years previous and it tries to price at officers after they approached it,” the activist mentioned.

A woodland respectable mentioned the tusker had joined with its herd and used to be commonplace. “Our staff has been taking efforts to ship it back into the woodland,” the respectable mentioned.

The respectable added that the harm at the tusker’s jaw might were as a result of preventing with any other male. “Our teams were monitoring the location ceaselessly. Also our opposite numbers in Kerala are keeping an eye on the elephant’s movements, as it is in the border,” the respectable mentioned. He additionally added that they wouldn’t interfere in any of the herbal phenomenon, but they were additionally able to act in case of any struggle.

The respectable additionally added that a veterinarian had visited the spot on Friday and took stock of the location. “As it is with its herd of round seven elephants, we will’t approach it now for treating it. If it comes clear of the herd, we will treat it for its harm,” the respectable mentioned. TNN

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