'Pak uses terror groups as tools of foreign policy'

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan is drifting against global isolation basically because of its policy of the usage of teams designated via the global community as terrorist outfits as instruments of international policy, the media here warned on Sunday, days after a world watchdog on terrorism financing reportedly positioned Islamabad on its watch-list.

"The world, which includes our brotherly friends (China and Saudi Arabia) whom the foreign minister (Khawaja Asif) thanked in a prematurely triumphant tweet on Tuesday, is not impressed with what they see as this country's continued intransigence," the Dawn mentioned in a stinging editorial, criticising the policies of the federal government, particularly the robust military.

Now that the scoop from the just-concluded round of meetings of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) held in Paris has been digested, it is important to focal point on the fact that both China and Saudi Arabia deserted Pakistan all over the complaints, opening the best way for the motion complicated via the United States to a grey record the country's financial gadget, it mentioned.

The FATF in its report released on Friday didn't mention Pakistan's name, leading to confusion about the nation's status.

"It is now increasingly clear that Pakistan is drifting towards international isolation mainly due to its policy of using groups designated by the world community as terrorist outfits as instruments of foreign policy," the prominent newspaper commented.

"This is precisely the state of affairs that the civilian government has been trying to warn the security establishment about for a number of years now, including in a series of meetings in late 2016 -- but evidently, these conversations did not lead to the desired actions," it noted.

The FATF has been asking Pakistan to totally put in force UN Security Council Resolution 1267 ever because the nation was taken out of the 'gray record' again in 2015. Once that act was passed in 2015, your next step was motion against the ones teams and people that have been designated as terrorists via the United Nations.

The warnings are now pouring in continuously to behave against terror teams, or chance global isolation. Pakistan would do well to heed them for its personal sake, it mentioned.

Another newspaper, The News, commented that Pakistan needs to reflect critically about the penalties of its state of being inactive against terrorist finance. The failure to curb terrorism finance is one thing that the country accepts internally.

"There have been constant pleas within the government apparatus to come up with measures to combat the free flow of terrorist finance. But these efforts remain beset by contradictions," it mentioned.

Currently, the offending entity appears to be the loose operation of Lashkar-e-Taiba and its charity wing JuD, it mentioned.

"The group (JuD) was able to launch a political party this year - and has not faced action from the state akin to a serious clampdown. Cosmetic action has continued to be taken, which is why the international community remains unconvinced by the presidential ordinance putting Pakistan's terrorist organisation list in compliance with the UN list and the recent seizing of LeT assets," the paper mentioned.

"The optics are not convincing. However, there is little evidence that Pakistan is doing worse that it was in 2015 when it was taken off the grey list," The News commented.

The Nation, some other leading Pakistani newspaper, in a piece of writing mentioned, "This is a time to reflect upon the wrong policies which introduced us to this type of verge of collapse of panic.

"The mainstreaming of terrorist and extremist factions, to the purpose that we tolerated their massive participation in our election procedure, is what has put us on this scenario nowadays," it mentioned.

"It is time that Pakistan actively pushes against those liabilities which are inflicting us so much injury," it commented.

The movements Pakistan took this last month, equivalent to promulgating an ordinance banning JuD chief Hafiz Saeed and his birthday celebration, as a last-minute try to evade the FATF record, will have to be doubled down and carried out," it added.
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