Make use of state govt’s drip irrigation scheme, farmers told

Coimbatore: Farmers in Tamil Nadu must make use of the government's drip irrigation schemes to provide ok water to plants right through drought, agricultural production commissioner Gagandeep Singh Bedi mentioned here on Saturday.
"The state government is providing more than 80 % subsidy to set up drip irrigation systems in agriculture lands," he informed a gathering of farmers on the Farmers Day serve as conducted on the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University.

"The state government has allotted Rs 803 crore for implementing drip irrigation. The agricultural department is providing Rs 1.13 lakh as subsidy per hectare to set up the system. Farmers will get Rs 83,135 per hectare as subsidy for drip irrigation for banana crop and Rs 97,134 per hectare as subsidy for sugarcane. After the implementation of the goods and service tax, the cost for implementing the system has gone up. However, the state government has promised to bear the cost," he mentioned.

The respectable also asked sugarcane farmers to use sugarcane sustainable initiatives (SSI) to extend productiveness. "The government will provide 50% subsidy for implementing SSI. There are 2,000 farmers groups in the state and the government has allotted Rs 100 crore to implement collective farming. This would help the small and marginal farmers," Bedi mentioned.

Agricultural minister R Duraikannu mentioned the state executive has taken enormous steps to help the farmers suffering from drought. "The government has launched various projects to achieve the target of 100 lakh metric tonnes of foodgrain production this year," he mentioned.

Deputy meeting speaker Pollachi V Jayaraman mentioned that whilst farmers in Kongu region are in a position to producing extra coconuts than their counterparts in Kerala, because of water shortage, coconut farmers are suffering to save their bushes. "The state government should implement drip irrigation in the Parambikulam-Aliyar Project (PAP) region in Pollachi and Udumalpet. The government should also use Israeli technology for water management. Anaimalai-Nallar scheme should be implemented soon to help the farmers," he demanded.

Municipal administration minister SP Velumani mentioned that coconut oil produced in Kangeyam in Tirupur is not adulterated. "The Kerala health minister's charge is completely false. Farmers here are sending quality vegetables and oil to Kerala," he mentioned.

The event also noticed TNAU vice-chancellor Okay Ramasamy freeing new crop sorts to strengthen agriculture production. "Scientists at the university have developed eight new crops. The new paddy crop is disease-resistant and would give more yield. The two varieties of sugarcanes can thrive in salty soil and withstand drought," he mentioned.

More than 500 farmers from quite a lot of portions of the state attended the event.

Make use of state govt’s drip irrigation scheme, farmers told Make use of state govt’s drip irrigation scheme, farmers told Reviewed by kailash soni on February 11, 2018 Rating: 5
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