Inter-caste, inter-religious couples come together to celebrate Valentine’s Day

COIMBATORE: D Muruganandam, 35, and Sameena Begum, 29, nonetheless vividly remember the events resulting in their marriage in 2013. Both eloped from their properties in Cuddalore and got here to Coimbatore to avoid wasting themselves from their families who had been against their marriage.
Muruganandam and Sameena had been in love for three years then. “Sameena used to come back to her aunt’s area which was next to my area. That’s how and when I met her,” said Muruganandam. When they reached Coimbatore, Thandhai Periyar Dravidar Kazhagam (TPDK) was their secure refuge. Members of the TPDK performed their marriage.

“Today we are satisfied together. Even if we've got small quarrels at house, they remaining for 10 mins,” said Sameena. The couple now supplies refuge to those that had to depart their properties for wanting to marry outdoor their caste or faith. “Today our most effective kinfolk are members of TPDK,” says Muruganandam.

Muruganandam and Sameena had been some of the inter-caste or inter-religious couples assembled on Tuesday evening to have fun Valentine’s Day at Periyar Padippagam, Gandhipuram. Amid opposition for Valentine’s Day celebrations from Hindu outfits, TPDK has been organizing Valentine’s Day birthday party for the past 10 years.

Amid the crowd, there were also couples whose families accepted their marriages. S Manikandan, 29, and B Saranya, 24, said their families had no problems in regards to the inter-caste marriage. “Our folks just verified about each different’s background and gave their nod for our marriage,” they said.

Speaking in regards to the event, Okay Ramakrishnan, district normal secretary of TPDK said the group has been conducting the event for the past 10 years. “We convey the couples who have married outdoor their caste or faith to turn the sector that such couples are satisfied and wealthy, as against the common perception that those that do love marriages are doomed to fail in life,” he said.

Ramakrishnan said the group has performed 4,000 such marriages up to now 15 years. “In the past year by myself, we had performed 400 such marriages,” he said and pointed to a tender couple who had come to the Padippagam to get married.

“When a pair comes to us, we check their delivery certificates to confirm their age, their group certificates to confirm that it's an inter-caste marriage and their deal with evidence. Only then we give them a wedding certificates, with which they can get registered at a registrar workplace,” said Ramakrishnan.

Inter-caste, inter-religious couples come together to celebrate Valentine’s Day Inter-caste, inter-religious couples come together to celebrate Valentine’s Day Reviewed by kailash soni on February 14, 2018 Rating: 5
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