In dire need of freight flight services

Though the shipment complex within the Coimbatore world airport handles 250 tonnes of engineering goods and perishable pieces for export each month, the airport does not have freighter flight services and products. The shipment authorities export 125 tonnes of engineering goods via passenger flights to Singapore and Sharjah. The remaining 125 tonnes of engineering and perishable goods are despatched to the Bengaluru and Chennai airports to be airlifted to the US and Europe.
"We have enough potential to export gold ornaments, engineering goods and perishable items. But we don't have freighter flight services from the Coimbatore cargo complex. If the international flight operators are ready provide freighter flight services to European countries, we could tap over 50% of exports of engineering and textile goods," stated R Mahalingam, director, Coimbatore International Airport.

Export of perishable goods from the Coimbatore shipment terminal stood at 806.five tonnes between April 2017 and January 2018. It was 726.three tonnes all over 2016-17. Direct gold imports, however, have grown at a slower pace in 2017-18. The shipment complex here imported four.6 tonnes of gold ornaments between April 2017 and January 2018, in comparison to five.five tonnes for 2016-17.

Due to loss of world connectivity, Coimbatore handles a big bite of domestic in-bound shipment as smartly. The volume of perishable goods bound for other airports all over the primary 10 months of 2017-18 is 35% upper than in 2016-17. Gold bars coming in to the Coimbatore shipment complex from other domestic airports has observed a enlargement of 45.7% to 126 tonnes between April 2017 and January 2018 in comparison to 2016-17.

"HDFC, SBI, ICICI and Standard Chartered Bank imported gold bars from other countries every day and sold them to gold ornaments manufacturers. They imported 126 tonnes of gold bars in the past 10 months and all of it was sent to the Mumbai, Bengaluru and Chennai airports. From there, the gold bars were sent to the Coimbatore domestic inbound cargo. There is no international freighter flight connectivity to Coimbatore. So the banks imported gold bars from overseas to other airports," stated a supply from the shipment complex.

"The gold rate changes every day. If the bank imports gold bars through the Coimbatore cargo complex, it will be cleared immediately by the customs officials. Only then can the bank sell the gold to the buyer at a profit. But the customs clearance takes at least two days for gold import clearance. So direct gold import from overseas has reduced in Coimbatore. Before 2015, we handled 5-6 tonnes of gold import every month and now we handle just 6 kg per annum," stated an officer.

According to shipment authorities, exports of engineering and perishable goods had been just right from the Coimbatore shipment complex in 2015-16.

A complete of 2,053 tonnes of products had been exported to more than a few destinations via passenger flights from the Coimbatore International Airport and handiest 119 tonnes of engineering goods had been imported from more than a few nations within the Coimbatore shipment complex in 2015-16.

In 2016-2017, the shipment complex handled 2,581 tonnes of engineering, perishable and textile goods for exports and imported handiest 99 tonnes of engineering goods.

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