Foreigners sign up for Ram Naam camp in Kumbh

ALLAHABAD: Over 50 foreigners can be seen writing Ram naam on digital diaries as well as booklets at the campus of Ram Naam Bank all the way through the Kumbh 2019.
Organisers of Ram Naam Bank said that many devotees of the Ram Nam Bank together with foreigners have permitted the invitation to wait the spiritual camp and can be taking part in camp activities.

"Like the Mahakumbh of 2013, many followers of Ram Naam Bank like Henk Keilman from Netherlands, Anurag Simon from USA along with their friends and neighbours will be a part of Kumbh. These foreign devotees would also be attending camp as well as writing 'Ram naam' on digital diaries or booklets," said Gunjan Varshney, president of Ram Naam Sewa Sansthan.

She additionally said, "Over 50 disciples from different countries would be attending Ram Naam Sewa Santhsan camp on the banks of Sangam."

During Mahakumbh 2013, Ram Naam Bank had collected huge amount of Ram Naam written books and papers from pilgrim from in every single place the world.

The upcoming Kumbh 2019, Ram naam financial institution will likely be digital to be able to save paper entries, claimed Varshney.

Varshney said all the way through the Kumbh, the organisation has deliberate to distribute three crore Ram naam booklets freed from cost.

"Writing Ram Naam at Sangam fulfills all the desires of a human being with removing all the obstacles" said a devotee including " more and more devotees are joining the ram naam sewa sansthan ever year" he added.
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