Assam-Meghalaya border residents keep fingers crossed

MATAIKHAR (Assam-Meghalaya border): For the 3000-odd voters dwelling within the far off villages alongside the larger Mataikhar house - about 60 km from Guwahati - and exercising their right to franchise in each the states of Assam and Meghalaya, the primary concern stays getting higher street connectivity, employment alternatives and clean drinking water.
The tribal population alongside those border spaces vote in each the states, and not using a answer to the continuing inter-state border dispute in sight. For those voters, essentially the most significant issue is better civic amenities. Though villagers stay thankful to each the states for providing them with cheap ration pieces, they have many extra demands from the federal government in poll-bound Meghalaya.

"Division of the two states was hardy a matter of concern for us. The needs of the people have remained almost the same here for over the last few decades. There has been some good work done in Meghalaya of late, with roads being developed in the hilly areas. But for the political parties, Mataikhar is yet to get due importance during poll campaigns. This is possibly due to the fewer number of voters here," mentioned Kanika Rabha, a resident of Salser village in larger Mataikhar.

An activist from the world mentioned regardless that the Meghalaya executive has taken a pioneering position in ushering in development by means of providing electrical energy years ago, they have no longer been of late a success in pleasant the aspirations of the people. "In the greater Mataikhar area, there are about 3,000 voters, but only one secondary school. We also avail of healthcare services provided by the Assam. Hopefully, the next Meghalaya government will be more sympathetic to the cause of these poor families living in these fringe villages," the activist added.

Several governments have failed to concentrate on this house which has remained past their developmental agenda. Joblessness and crisis of natural drinking water nonetheless proceed to hang-out the world even if it is located with regards to Chandubi Lake in Kamrup, a celebrated vacationer vacation spot.

"Majority of the families in our area are dependent on agriculture. If any of the state governments take up initiatives to open food processing units and prioritize industries which tap into the natural resources, it will be a blessing for the villagers," mentioned Paresh Rabha, an area early life in his 30s. He additionally feels that the tourism potential of the place will also be evolved, as the serene hills bordering Meghalaya have remained non violent even if sections of the Garo and Rabha neighborhood fought every other in border villages of lower Assam.

Assam-Meghalaya border residents keep fingers crossed Assam-Meghalaya border residents keep fingers crossed Reviewed by kailash soni on February 26, 2018 Rating: 5
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