Afghan Taliban say they want to solve war through dialogue

KABUL: The Taliban said on Wednesday they wish to end Afghanistan's warfare through dialogue however warned that their willingness to find peace didn't mean they had been exhausted and that their armed campaign would be sustained no matter how robust the United States opposition.

A extra aggressive U.S. strategy in Afghanistan together with a surge in air strikes introduced via President Donald Trump in August has pushed the Taliban again from several district centres and two provincial capitals.

But the militants keep an eye on massive parts of the nation-state and have answered to the extra aggressive U.S. strategy with two assaults in Kabul up to now few weeks, killing nearly 150 other people.

The assaults have toughened both the U.S. and Afghan govt stand on seeking to start up talks to end nearly 17 years of warfare that neither facet turns out able to profitable.

The Taliban offer of discussion got here in a observation addressed to the American other people.

"Our preference is to solve the Afghan issue through peaceful dialogue," the Taliban said.

In their observation, the Taliban didn't mention a Jan. 27 raid on a most sensible Kabul resort, in which greater than 30 other people had been killed, nor a bomb assault on a crowded street every week later that killed greater than 100. They claimed both assaults.

The Taliban, fighting to oust foreign forces and defeat the U.S.-backed govt, said the United States should end its "occupation" and accept the Taliban proper to shape a central authority "consistent with the beliefs of our people".

The militants only mentioned the Afghan govt to deride it on more than a few grounds.

A central authority spokesman declined to remark on the observation and a spokesman for Afghanistan's NATO-led army venture used to be not in an instant to be had for remark.

It used to be not too late for the American other people to realise the Taliban can solve problems with each and every facet "through healthy politics and dialogue", the militants said, adding the chances for dialogue had been "not exhausted".

Preliminary talks on ending the warfare that kills thousands of other people each and every yr have stalled.

But low-level contacts between the government, international teams together with the United Nations and teams with regards to the Taliban have persisted even as the insurgency has escalated.

Progress has been blocked via the deep mistrust between the government and the Taliban, in addition to uncertainty about the place of neighbours together with Pakistan, which Afghanistan has lengthy accused of helping the insurgents.

Pakistan rejects accusations that it sponsors the Taliban.

The Taliban said their willingness to play a "constructive role in finding a peaceful solution" should not be taken as a sign of weak spot.

"This can never mean that we are exhausted or our will has been sapped," they said.

They said that they had no intention to wreck some other nation or let anyone use Afghan territory against anyone else.
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